Open Water Referral. Which would you rather do?

"A" Have fun Diving?


Why not look after the educational and practical portion of learning to Scuba Dive at home!  Then go on vacation, take 4 Open Water test dives then congratulations your an Open Water Scuba Diver! Spend the rest of your vacation Diving!

OR "B" Talk about Scuba Diving?


You can go on vacation.  Spend most of your time in a class room watching videos, writing tests, listening to someone who's' first language may not be english, learn your skills in a pool looking at the ocean.  Then spend your last few days finally taking the open water portion and go home,

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If your answer is "A" call me 403-846-3914

Open Water Referral  

This is the perfect class if you are thinking of going on holidays and want to dive.  You don’t want to waste valuable holiday time sitting in a classroom listening to someone prattle on, watching videos, doing paperwork and pool sessions that you can do at home?  Do you?  Then the “Open Water Referral” course is for you.  Show up at your destination ready to DIVE!

Course Prerequisites 

Be sure to answer with a YES or NO. If you have a YES answer you must take this form to your Doctor to sign. This must happen BEFORE I can let you in the pool.  

Please send them to me with your photo. Height, weight and shoe size.

Please Note:

  • 10-14 year old divers earn a Junior Open Water Diver certification
  • 10-11 year olds must be accompanied by a legal guardian that is a certified scuba diver. 

Cost – $575

Please see refund policy-12 months to complete  


  • eLearning course 
  • 2 confined water sessions
  • Smart Phone App dive planner, hard copy table, and dive logbook
  • exam and certification cost
  • rental for scuba equipment
  • All the air you can breath

Learning outcomes:

Upon completion of The Open Water course a diver will be able to dive with the following limitations:

  • Dive to a maximum depth of 60 feet / 18 meters
  • Dive in environments equal to or better to that which you were trained
  • No overhead environments
  • Dive with other certified divers, independent of a professional diver
  • Participate in further training beyond entry level
  • Dive during daylight hours

For extra fun for your final pool dive bring a friend for a Discover Scuba.
Get Started Now!
You will need:

For your comfort we do not supply personal equipment. I recommend purchasing:

  • Mask & Snorkel
  • Boots and Fins

A selection of good quality of gear is available through Aqua-Nuts Diving. Special student pricing available. Please ask!

You will be require to have 4 open water dives in order to test you on the skills you have learned in confined water. This can take place anytime anywhere within 12 months from your last class date.

Important information about the course

Your Open Water Training will be somewhere else! 

Before you leave on holidays find a PADI dive shop, most likely at your resort! PADI is the largest scuba training organization in the world. It IS “The way the World Learns to Dive!” if you have trouble ask Denise, she will help. 

If you are traveling with Denise, just leave it all to her. 

No matter who your Instructor is, you will start with a nice fun dive! Just to help you get your “sea legs” and to try out what we learned in the confined water portion. Then for the remaining dives you will get to”show off” what you learned in the pool!  No big deal, just a lot of fun! Then Congratulations you are a Scuba Diver!